HP Licensee BIWIN opens EU office to develop European channel business for SSD & memory lines

Storage solution provider BIWIN is set to develop its B2B and B2C channel business across Europe for its own brands and new line of HP branded SSDs and memory products.

BIWIN produces SSDs, embedded storage chips, memory cards, memory modules, and customization services under the BIWIN and BIWINTECH brands as well as the official license to produce storage and memory products under the HP brand.

Rafael A. Poeckling, Managing Director for BIWIN Europe commented,

“BIWIN is a global-class producer and we're excited about the opportunity to introduce BIWIN in Europe. “This is a manufacturer that distributors and the channel can trust because of its product licenses are regularly checked by the brands before awarding global rights. Do you think HP would put its name on anything but quality products? And it’s a company with significant technology that will play a role in the future of storage and memory for computing, wearables, IoT, video surveillance and even industry 4.0.”

With an HQ set up in Amsterdam in the works, BIWIN will soon develop its European sales network, starting with Benelux, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

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