Apple opens eye catching store in Singapore as retail rallies

The latest Apple store to open in Singapore looks set to be a sure fire shopping destination for tech fans and architectural aficionados alike. Designed by Foster & Partners, the spherical glass store looks like a cool addition to the Marina Bay area.

Complete with 360 degree views, the store features a concentric circle design so shoppers can enjoy the shade during the day and avoid screen squint whilst checking out the latest Mac and iPhone. The store can be reached from the bay area by a bridge and is also connected to the Shoppes Arcade of luxury stores in the Marina Bay Hotel.

The past few months have seen some encouraging signs for the Singapore retail scene. Year on Year sales figures were recently released for July and while they are still down 7.7% vs 2019, compared to June (24.2%) and May (52%), the trend is a lot more positive. The computing and telecomms category stood out with 27.4% increase in sales vs 2019. (source Statistics Singapore)

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