Timekettle ZERO Translator to launch at DISTREE EMEA 2020

The modernistic device is far superior to conventional translators; with the help of AI technology, the device is able to comprehend over 84 accents and translates it into a number of languages. To keep their devices up to date, Timekettle Tech also releases periodic software updates.

The latest “Simul Mode” is delivering a simultaneous translation, which makes AI translation closer to an interpreting style.

Timekettle is planning to launch the “ZERO Translator” in 2020’s, which has the most powerful and smallest 4 Mic array, driven by acoustic vector signal processing technologies. It allows ZERO to distinguish four speakers at the same time.

Being carried on “Timekettle” App, ZERO Translators has the functions to seamlessly cater to all your translating needs, whether it be interview or meeting translation. It will be launched at the highly anticipated technological fair, DISTREE EMEA, which will be held in Monaco between 18th to 21st February.

To download the full press release click here

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