Xtrfy´s Big Gear Reveal: 5 new products for gamers

Ninjas in Pyjamas’ gaming gear brand Xtrfy has announced the latest additions to its series of esports equipment. No less than 5 new gaming products will be released over the upcoming months.

The new products from Xtrfy have been revealed, with several interesting additions the Swedish manufacturer’s product range. Xtrfy’s Big Gear Reveal includes two new mousepad models, one of which features a newly-developed surface and comes in XXL, full-desk size. A soft foam wrist rest, and a wrist rest made out of bamboo. And an external, gaming optimized sound card.

“We’re excited to reveal a whole package of new gaming peripherals, where each product is a great complement to our existing range. This release is based on requests from our customers and the gaming community, and we can’t wait to see the new products in stores this fall", says Joakim Jansson, CEO and Co-founder of Xtrfy.


The WR1 provides great comfort for your wrists and reduces strain on arms and shoulders. This wrist rest is composed of durable PU leather, soft and quick-recovering foam padding, and a non-slip rubber base that keeps it firmly in place. It fits any standard size keyboard, and is a perfect match for Xtrfy keyboards such as XG1-R, K2 and K3.


The WR2 is a wrist rest out of the ordinary. Made out of bamboo, it brings a stylish look to the table while providing great support for your wrists and reducing the strain on arms and shoulders. Its natural rubber feet keep it firmly in place in front of any standard-size keyboard.


The GP1 is a high-speed cloth mousepad, sequel to the XGP1 – trusted by numerous professional gamers. The new design will be available in three sizes: Medium, Large and XL, where the XL version provides plenty of room for both mouse and keyboard.


The GP2 is a new mousepad for gamers who want enhanced control over their swipes and flicks. It features a slightly coarser cloth surface, optimized for increased precision in every mouse movement. This new pad comes in two sizes: Large and XXL, where the XXL version covers your entire desk with its 120 x 60 centimetres.

“Since precision is key, the mousepad is an extremely important piece of equipment. I’m using the GP2 because of the material selection and the friction of the surface – it’s just right for me”, says Dennis “dennis” Edman, professional CS:GO player for Ninjas in Pyjamas.


After launching the H1 headset in 2017, Xtrfy now adds an external sound card to its audio range. The SC1 brings you a soundscape optimized for esports, featuring the same sound signature used in the H1 headset – developed by some of the world’s most experienced pro gamers. The compact USB soundcard is a perfect match for the H1, and a great way to optimize any headset for gaming.

For more information about these products, go to xtrfy.com


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