Soul Electronics announce European Premiere launch of world's first AI enabled earphones at DIST

We're excited to announce that Soul Electronics will launch two new in-ear headphones at next month's DISTREE EMEA event. The Run Free Pro Bio & BLADE headphones were developed in partnership with Beflex Inc. Both are powered by Beflex Biomech Engine which monitors running form and provides real-time coaching to maximize running performance and minimize potential injury.

SOUL Electronics and Beflex Inc. have implemented Gait Analysis into their new range of earphones which is commonly used in sports biomechanics to help professional athletes run more efficiently and also make improvements on their gestures to lower risk of injury.

“Gait Analysis was formerly conducted with full equipment in a specific environment, but with Beflex Inc.’s technology, the technology can now be implemented in our earphones through a method called ‘Advanced Markerless Gait Capture’,” says Patrick Tang, CEO, SOUL Electronics.

“By eliminating the markers, we are able to bring a range of earphones to market that make sport and fitness junkies’ lives easier, maximizing their workouts and providing them with the best technology to improve performance over time.”

"Beflex Inc. is a company developed by a team of young, professional research engineers keen on Gait Analysis and Biomechanics,” says Juho Jung, CEO, Beflex Inc.. “This is an exciting moment to announce our partnership with SOUL as they are the world's first brand to apply the technology to their earphones and we are confident that these collections of earphones are going to be the next generation of sports wearable accessible to mass markets."

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