NeoLAB Convergence to launch new smartpen at DISTREE EMEA 2018

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Top Korean innovator, NeoLAB Convergence, has just announced their latest addition to their smart pen line up - the Neo Smartpen M1.

Powered by NeoLAB Convergence’s patented Ncode technology and the accompanying application, Neo Notes. Neo smartpen M1 recognizes any handwritten notes, on which page of which book, and digitize that content.

Neo smartpen M1 feels and looks like a traditional pen, measuring only, 10.4mm in thickness. The pen was designed to be an ideal alternative to existing products in the smart pen category that are either bulky, or require separate receivers.

The M1 is packed full of features so download the factsheet via the link below and find out more about this great product.

Product Announcement and Fact Sheet


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