iWALK launch new power case for the iPhone 7

iWALK’s Case X is the latest mobile power case for the iPhone 7.

The Apple certified Case X offers a number of great features including:

41 hours of extended battery life – the Case X provides an extra 3000 mah in power

Wireless Charging - The Case X features a built-in, QI compatible wireless sensor, which means that users can benefit from the most advanced wireless charging technology.

Headphone Jack - One of the iPhone 7’s key features is the absence of the traditional 3.5mm jack. Not every user is comfortable with this new design. The Case X comes complete with a built-in 3.5mm Jack so users can still use their earphones or headphones with the iPhone7.

Listen & Charge - The lightning port of iPhone 7 is multifunctional. Charging, data transmission and audio output are all processed through a single port. In other words, you can’t use your wired earphones while your phone is charging. However, the 3.5mm output jack that’s built in to the Case X means that users can listen to music and charge their phone at the same time.

The Case X is the perfect partner to the iPhone 7, enhancing the everyday experience for iPhone users everywhere.

For more information about iWALK go to iwalk.net

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