SexTech company MysteryVibe to create a buzz at DISTREE EMEA 2017

MysteryVibe, the award winning British SexTech company, has announced it will be the world’s first and only company in the SexTech industry to exhibit and present a keynote speech at DISTREE EMEA 2017.

MysteryVibe will exhibit its revolutionary body-adaptable vibrator, Crescendo, during the four-day event in Monaco.

DISTREE will be the first exhibition to showcase the second generation of MysteryVibe’s award-winning flagship product. The truly ergonomically designed sex toy can be bent to flex and form to adapt to the user’s body and the accompanying app offers countless vibration patterns for a truly personalised pleasure experience.

Through speaking and exhibiting at DISTREE EMEA 2017, MysteryVibe aims to break down the entrenched barriers held towards sex toys and to further the conversation around the role of technology in the bedroom and relationships. As a technology driven society we often struggle to switch off and turn on in the bedroom. MysteryVibe is committed to turning this trend on its head by using technology to create a truly personalised and immersive sensual experience in the bedroom.

“Sex and pleasure should be mainstream,” said Stephanie Alys, Chief Pleasure Officer of MysteryVibe who will make the keynote speech at the event. “Exhibiting and speaking at DISTREE EMEA next month is an incredibly positive step in the right direction towards making this a reality. Innovation in sex and relationships has been lacking for a number of years, and we’re excited that DISTREE has embraced the revolution that is taking place in the SexTech industry.”

The role that technology will play in sex lives and relationships is under much contention. However, with MysteryVibe speaking and exhibiting at the event, the conversation will be given its rightful place in the spotlight as a serious point of discussion.

Crescendo is the first in a series of luxury products being developed by MysteryVibe that improve sexual health. MysteryVibe’s unique approach to technology and sexuality strives to make relationships more fun, open up conversations, and empower individuals to take control of their pleasures

About MysteryVibe

MysteryVibe is a British health and lifestyle company who aim to enhance pleasure for all in the bedroom. Founded in 2014, their flagship product, Crescendo, is a revolutionary body-adaptable vibrator that can be bent to take the shape of the user’s body and offer countless vibrations for a truly personalized pleasure experience. MysteryVibe aims to break down the entrenched barriers towards sex and pleasure and to further the conversation around the role of technology in the bedroom and relationships.

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