Meliconi's Ghost Cubes to spirit away untidy cables

Italian AV accessories specialist Meliconi are set to launch their latest cabling covering system called Ghost Cubes.

100% made in Italy, the system is made up of small cubes, 20 x 20 cm, that are around 5 cm deep. They hide TV power cables, including the electric socket, as well as the cables of connected audio-video devices. Ghost Cubes can be wall-mounted on their own below the TV screen, or used together with fitted wall units. They can also go at the side, or even be part of infinite creative set-up possibilities, furnishing an elegant wall with a modern, customised design.

The user decides how many Ghost Cubes are needed, according to requirements. There is no limit to the customisation even in terms of colour: Ghost Cubes are sold in the basic colours gloss black or gloss white, but the product can be painted, to adapt it to any colour scheme.

For more information about Ghost Cubes click here

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