Laut to unveil new Apple accessories at DISTREE EMEA 2016

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

LAUT, the brand best known for its vibrantly colored lineup of exclusive and sophisticated Apple accessories has announced the latest chic additions to its fashion-forward products.

The range of iPhone, iPad and Macbook accessories from LAUT comes with an in-trend designs and

colorways, providing Apple users with unlimited style. "Having tech-meets-lifestyle concept in mind, we aim to meet the taste of individuals who are both tech savvy and fashionable," said Christian Morgenstern, CEO of LAUT International Limited. “Our collections are desirable in designs with an ultimate purpose of safeguarding everyone’s devices”.

Another factor that was given a few touch points is on how LAUT packaged each product. Tasteful designs

aside, LAUT also pays close attention to how each accessory is packaged for distribution to its users, ensuring uncompromising quality & functionality.

Highlights of LAUT's new collection include the NOMAD, HUEX Series with a 'POP', SLIM X Crystal for Macbook 12" and the Luxury Power Heroes - POWERDASH.

For more details about LAUT's new line of Apple accessories click here

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