MyScreen CEO discusses new trends in screen protection for mobile devices

Andrzej Leszczyński - CEO of the company Lamel, owner of the MyScreen PROTECTOR brand, is the person we discuss trends in the field of screen protection for mobile devices, both in Poland and the world.

MyScreen brand has been on the market for over 10 years now. What has changed in the scope of screen protection for mobile device throughout that time?

Our industry has been evolving dynamically throughout that time. At the start, when screen protection solutions first appeared, which was around 2004, mainly universal size protective films were offered, however at that time we already offered them with various functionalities (transparent, anti-glare, mirror). At that time non-touch screens were highly susceptible to scratches. Along with the development of smart phones, devices with bigger and bigger screens, i.e. following 2009, the demand for dedicated protective films was increasing. Thanks to the unique laser cutting technology, our company perfectly fitted into this trend and was offering products for an increasing number of models being introduced to the market. 2012, when first GorillaGlass screens were introduced, was the year when smartphones with more and more scratch resistant screens started to be developed. However, due to their hardness and large sizes, such screens turned out to be more brittle and therefore more susceptible to cracking and breaking. An effective protection of devices became a more demanding task also for our company. We were one of the first in the world to introduce an anti-impact film - antiCRASH, which unlike previous films was able to protect a screen against damage caused by a fall. It was in 2012 at IFA trade fair in Berlin. Please try to imagine the market dynamics since one year later, at IFA 2013, we were already presenting tempered glass - DIAMOND GLASS - a much more scratch resistant screen protection solutions than protective films previously offered on the market. Following a sudden drop of prices for tempered glass, since autumn 2014, the market has clearly evolved towards glass protectors, thereby pushing film protectors out.

So what is the most popular screen protection solution on the market at the moment? Glass protection? What makes end users choose this type of protection?

At the moment most of end consumers, looking for protection for their screens, select tempered glass due to its natural look that highly resembles (almost like second screen) the actual screen, and its scratch resistance (9H). It also should be mentioned that because tempered glass is much more expensive than film protectors it is preferred by distributors. They are the ones who quickly promoted it as the "best

protection". They were the ones that convinced the market that tempered glass protects a screen during a fall. In fact, tempered glass does not offer a significant protection of the screen during a fall, such protection is offered by anti-impact films (anti-schock, shutter-proof or our antiCRASH). A very

important factor for an end user, when selecting between the film or glass protective material, is its look. End users are using more and more expensive and elegant devices and refuse to spoil their look with a too thick tempered glass or a protective film that is not suffificiently attractive.

Since the market shows a dominating trend among end users, who buy tempered glass protectors, is it really the best protection of the screen?

As I mentioned before, there is no perfect solution. It all comes down to what an end user expects. If he/she is looking for a protection against scratches, than a good quality tempered glass protector, actually having the 9H hardness characteristic as described on the packaging and an effective oleophobic

surface, can be a satisfactory choice of the screen protection solution. If an effective protection of a screen against impact and additional protection of the entire device against scratches or breaking, caused by a fall, is expected than we should search for antiCRASH type film for an entire surface or just screen and

combine it with an appropriate case. Recently a new product was introduced to the market - flexible glass (our Hybrid Glass) combining characteristics of both glass and film. However, it is necessary to remember that screen protection can provide additional protective features, i.e. anti-reflex filter, privacy

filter, blue light filter (eye protection, especially for children).

Mobile phones manufacturers are constantly trying to surprise end users with new technical solutions by introducing, e.g. curved screens and advanced touch functions, can the screen protection industry keep up with such changes?

Of course, every novelty on the telecommunication equipment market is noticed by our industry manufacturers - some are better at keeping up with such changes others are worse. At MyScreen, our R&D department always carefully analyses new products, which allows us to offer solutions on the day of première of a new device. We are constantly looking for new materials of better and better characteristics - taking into account safety of our customer's "gadgets".

You are on of the first to introduce new solutions - what will you offer your customers in the new year?

Yes, it is true, we are one of the first to introduce novelties to the market and show our customers available solutions. We have prepared a couple of surprises in 2016, both for our customers, as well as business partners. For our customers we have new products - we will refresh the line of antCRASH and

HybridGLASS products by rising their resistance parameters and we will expand access to searched materials through the VP voucher system or the on-line store. We will also introduce products from outside the typical field of screen protection (will keep it a secret for now) and we will provide our

distributors with new solutions supporting commercial activities within all channels.

MyScreen is exhibiting at DISTREE EMEA 2016. To watch their latest product videos click here

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