Lifestyle Tech, Smart Home and Gaming identified as top growth categories by APAC consumer tech channel

by Stuart Wilson, Tuesday 26 September 2017

DISTREE Asia Pacific (APAC) has released additional findings from its 2017 APAC Consumer Tech Channel Survey. Lifestyle Tech, Smart Home and Gaming were identified as the top three categories with the most growth potential in APAC, according to this year’s survey.

Christophe Painvin, Event Director for DISTREE APAC, commented: “These results demonstrate the continued growth potential that exists across the APAC region. Distributors and retailers are keen to add more brands to their portfolio in categories with high growth potential.”

Channel expansion

“This year’s DISTREE APAC event, which takes place in Singapore from November 8-10th, will provide consumer tech brands with a powerful regional channel expansion platform allowing them to meet senior executives and buyers from top consumer tech distributors and retailers,” he added.

The 2017 APAC Consumer Tech Channel Survey asked respondents to identify the top three categories they believed offered the most growth potential in APAC consumer channels in the next 12 months. The results were as follows:

• 53% of respondents identified Lifestyle Tech as a Top 3 category

• 53% of respondents identified Smart Home as a Top 3 category

• 43% of respondents identified Gaming as a Top 3 category

• 42% of respondents identified Mobile Accessories as a Top 3 category

• 32% of respondents identified Smart Tech as a Top 3 category

• 30% of respondents identified Mobile Devices as a Top 3 category

• 23% of respondents identified Drones as a Top 3 category

Drilling down into the survey results, there was a clear difference in the order of preference between distributors and retailers. For distributors, the top four categories in order of growth potential were Lifestyle Tech in first place, followed by Smart Home in second, with Gaming and Mobile Accessories in third and fourth respectively.

For retailers, the top four were the same categories but in a different order. Smart Home was identified as the top category for growth potential, with Gaming second, Mobile Accessories third and Lifestyle Tech ranking fourth.

Scale and volume

Painvin added: “We’re seeing tremendous levels of innovation across all these product categories, and increased brand proliferation as more companies bring products to market. The DISTREE format is designed to help tech brands quickly and efficiently scale their channel reach across multiple markets, giving them the scale and volume they need for long-term business success.”

DISTREE APAC is a highly-focused event designed to give consumer tech brands access to the senior executives and buyers from these distributors in one place at one time. The regional channel event gives consumer technology vendors and brand owners the opportunity to hold pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with APAC’s leading distributors, plus senior executives from some of the region’s top retailers and e-tailers.

Business potential

The results of the 2017 APAC Consumer Tech Channel Survey, which included responses from 43 distributors and 36 retailers, provides valuable data used as part of the exhibitor and channel audience recruitment process for this year’s DISTREE APAC event. This year’s survey was conducted from 27th June to 9th August 2017.

Painvin added: “We have top distributors and retailers from across the region already confirmed to attend DISTREE APAC. We look forward to helping tech brands meet the region’s most influential channel partners in one place at one time. DISTREE APAC offers clear business benefits for exhibitors and helps them achieve their true business potential in the region.”

DISTREE APAC’s channel audience will include delegates from the following markets in South East Asia: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. SAARC countries of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will also form part of the delegate base. Oceania-based channel partners from Australia and New Zealand will also receive invites, as will distributors and key retailers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China in North-Asia.